Saturday, 14 January 2017

4th anniversary poll and prediction competition.

To celebrate being on Twitter and blogging for 4 years now, we are holding our annual poll, it is just for fun, so please vote and share as I enjoy looking through the stats breakdown. The more votes, the more statistical information I will have to look through and the happier I will be.

As a bonus this year we are holding a prediction competition with a prize of a google Chromecast worth £30

The winner is the person who has a prediction which is closest to the total number of votes cast in the Stoke on Trent Central and Copeland by elections.

Leave your prediction in the comments section at the bottom to be able to win the prize you will need to log in with a blogger account or leave a twitter handle.

If you prefer not to, but just have a go, then leave a prediction and if a non traceable prediction wins, the prize will be given to a British Heart Foundation charity shop.

feel free to vote, predict and share.


  1. Reckon it might end up

    10% Lib Dem
    1% Green

    On a 55% turnout

    1. Thanks for your comment @TheOwlsHaveIt but we are just looking for how many votes you think will be cast in total between the 2 by elections.

    2. Whoops. In that case my guess is 52,000- turns out the Turnout for S on T was only 50% in the GE!

  2. No worries,

    nothing in the rules saying I can't have a go myself, and if I get it right I will just give it to charity.

    but I think it will be very low 42,000 between the two of them.