Political Brief Lives

We all lead brief lives in the grand scheme of things. Not to really quote numbers in a Monty Python, Meaning of life way. But even if we live till 200 it would be brief. So here is a list of notable MPs and politicians who have died during this parliament.

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26th January 2017 Tam Dalyell
5th July 2016 Brian White
25th June 2016 Lord Mayhew
16th June 2016 Jo Cox
4th February 2016 Harry Harpham link to >>> Result of the by election 5/5/16
29th January 2016 Lord Roper
25th January 2016 Cecil Parkinson
21st October 2015 Michael Meacher link to >>> result of by election 3/12/15
10th October 2015 Geoffrey Howe
3rd October 2015 Denis Healey
28th August 2015 Teresa Gorman
1st June 2015 Charles Kennedy

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